Thank you to our organizers:

• Orly K. – Ritual (davening, leyning, drash) ... [email protected]
• Leia N. – Hospitality, Kinderminyan ... [email protected]
• Eugene L. – Kiddush, Finance ... [email protected]
• Avi W. & Michael Z. – Setup and Cleanup ... [email protected]
• Eta F. – #Facebook ... [email protected]
• Justin A. C. – Shamash, Communication ... [email protected]
• Shira Z. – Gabbait ... [email protected]

There are a lot of ways to participate... the most important is to come, to be a party of the community, and make the minyan! There are a number of roles as well, organized around a few different teams:

• Helping to set up/clean up
• Davening
• Leyning
• Drash
• Kinderminyan
• Kiddush
• Hospitality
• Communication/outreach

If you're interested in helping with one of the teams, reach out to an organizer and let us know!